Knot studio is creating modern homeware with a twist

Nowadays, we are at home more than ever before. With this in mind, it is especially important to have comfortable and visually appealing furniture. Established in 2013, Knot studio is an amazing solution to make any room instantly more livable and aesthetic. Founder Neta Tesler has created various homewares ranging from bean bags to benches. Inspired by her memories of sailing with her family, each of the products are part of a greater theme resembling the knots created on ropes for a sailboat.

How a “knot” is made

Neta’s childhood memories of sailing with her family is the inspiration behind her “Knots”. As the name suggests, the primary hero is the ropes and knots found on a sailboat.

When creating her products, Neta pays special attention to detail and ensures that all the materials are the best of quality. Knot studio uses vegan fabrics and products and works with two wood crafters, who carefully crafts the best custom furniture for the brand.

Knot Pillows

The Knot Pillow is the very first Knot Studio product. Made initially as part of a university project, the demand was so high for the colorful and comforting pillows that Neta founded Knot Studio to create more supply. Available in all kinds of patterns as well as colors, this accessory is sure to have an option that matches with your home.

Knot Cushions 

Made for lounging and relaxation, the knot cushions are big, fluffy cushions covered with vegan fabrics. With the cushions tied around handmade wooden rings, the Knot cushions are functional and pleasing to the eye. This furniture is great for a casual get-together and a lazy Sunday and will be sure to make your body feel at home. Available in large and medium, this piece of furniture is purchasable for any sized room.

Mauve pink velvet knot floor cushion (M)
Size: 60X60 cm / 23X23 inch, Height: 30 cm / 12 inch

Price: ¥35,825
Purchase here

Stone vegan suede Knot floor cushion (L)
Size: 80X80 cm / 31.5X31.5 inch, Height: 35 cm / 14 inch

Price: ¥51,396
Purchase here

Woven Benches and Stools

The woven products bring a twist to the knot collection. Maintaining the theme, these products will look great alongside the knot products while also making a statement of their own. Offered as a bench and stool, the base of both of these furniture pieces are made of beautiful custom made wood, which provide a contrast between the soft fabric cushions and the sturdy and sleek base. 

Woven Bench In Midnight Blue – hand-woven from fine velvet fabric and natural Beechwood
Size: Width: 94X32 cm   |   120X32 cm , Height: 50 cm

Price: ¥82,553
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Woven Stool In Teal Velvet – hand-woven from fine velvet fabric and natural Beechwood
Size: 44X32 cm, Height: 50 cm

Price: ¥40,494
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Knot Stools

The appearance of the Knot Stool and Knot Barstool is more than enough for a topic of discussion. With the intriguing design, the products are the first item in a room that will be used and seen. Used for lounging and dining, this mobile and light piece of furniture is capable of being moved all around the house for convenience. The bar stool offers a higher seat and footrest to promote ease of mind as well as body.

Velvet knot stool
Size: 40X40 cm, Height: 45 cm

Price: ¥40,494
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To find out more on the Knot studio products, visit ISRAERU marketplace, where we present all sizes and colors for each Knot studio homeware.

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