Ascopa is repurposing the ancient roman glass material to handcraft jewelry with history

Ascopa was founded by Ika and Rami, Ascopa means “threshold stone” in Aramaic. For Ika and Rami, the name marked their return to Israel. Created in a handcraft  process, the allure of the Ascopa jewelry  is their asymmetry. To the Ascopa brand, beauty is found in the individuality caused by imperfections.

Ascopa creates jewelry using Roman glass fragments, an ancient material that has existed for over 2000 years. Roman glass can only be found in the Middle East, making the material rare and full of history. Ika and Rami want to keep the tradition and history of Roman glass alive, repurposing the material, giving it a new life. 

As the primary material in use, Ascopa has mastered the art of Roman glass. Ascopa is able to alter the shape, size, and color of the glass to fit whichever jewellry they are working on. 

My Owl Pendant

In ancient Rome, the owl was a symbol of protection. Handcrafted in the studio using sterling silver 925, the pendant brings good luck and protection.  A reflection and symbol of the memories of ancient empire Rome, the center of the pendant displays the Roman glass fragments. The eyes of the owl are decorated by two Lab Opals, matching with the slight blue hue of the Roman glass. 

Pendent measure: Length: 41.45 mm / 1.632″
Width: 22.15 mm / 0.872″
Chain Length: 18″

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Harmony Circles Earrings

Inspired by the imagery of a rock skipping over a body of water, the Harmony Circles Earring represents the circles formed when a rock hits water. Hammered by hand, the sterling silver 925 has the same character and imperfections as jewelry did in ancient Rome. With a blue patina over the Roman glass fragments, the middle of the earring resembles water, completing the imagery of harmony. 

Come with a gift box and Certificate of Authenticity.
Earrings measures:
Width: 18.67mm / 0.730″

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Zaha Earrings

The Zaha Earring is a direct homage to the British Iraqi architect, Zaha Hadid. Nicknamed the “Queen of Curve” Zaha was well known for her use of free flowing curvature in her designs. The Zaha Earrings use the same style, with two abstractly shaped sterling silver earrings, resembling two clouds in the sky. Although not as ancient as Rome, these earrings represent an important art style and piece of history while maintaining a more modern look. 

Come with a gift box.
Earrings measures:
Length: 36.08mm / 1.419″
Width: 19.50mm / 0.768″

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Ruby Nights Earrings

Rubies have been a representation of passion, nobility, and purity since the ancient times to now. The Ruby Nights Earrings use this red stone in an unexpected manner, presenting the stones as raindrops. The three ruby raindrops fall from the Roman glass fragments, signifying the sky. Just like all of the other Ascopa jewelry, the rubies are also handcrafted into the sterling silver. 

Earrings measures:
Length: 31.20mm / 1.228″
Width: 10.89mm / 0.428″

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Yin and Yang Pendant

Yin and Yang is the concept of dualism, describing how opposite forces may actually be complementary. Ascopa brings their own take of this symbol, separating the two forces by Roman glass fragments and Blue lab opal. Ascopa has significance and history in all of their accessories, bringing an ancient symbol like the Yin and Yang, paired with the ancient history of the Roman glass. The pendant comes with a gift box and Certificate of Authenticity.

Pendant measures:
Length: 29.60mm / 1.165″
Width: 22.67mm / 0.892″
Chain Length: 18″  

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