Hilma’s “Hospikol” app: A Call App for Hospital Patients that is Actually Answered

Hilma is a non-profit company helping people with disabilities and instilling leadership skills among young people. It was established in 2018 by Israeli High-tech executives; they want to use technology to impact our society for the better, because they believe that technology has the capacity to improve quality of life immensely.


Hospokol – The Apps that Helps Both Hospitals and Patients

This time, we’d like to introduce Hospikol, an app that provides a call button for hospital patients. 

Many hospitals have a simple call button, but it’s often ignored between the hospital noise and no way to know who's having an emergency and who's just hungry. This app provides a personal service connecting the patient to the nurse who is treating them. Hospikol allows patients to contact their nurses while reducing stress for the nurse and danger for the patient.


Nurses Can Follow Patient Needs

The app has an emergency button, for the truly important calls. There is an option for an immediate answer when needed, and there’s a feature that allows nurses to follow their patient’s pain levels and reminders for follow-up treatment. It also allows nurses to bring the right equipment in advance and to be able to document the treatment. 

Personalized Care

With this app, the nurses are able to know exactly who is calling, and the call is sent directly to the specific person needed and gives them reminders. This is unlike the general hospital call button, which is sent to all nurses without specification. The system doesn’t create noise in public spaces that could be distracting to the other nurses, and only targets the person neccesary.

It also allows the patient to know when the call is received, so they know their status. It even helps bridge languages between nurses and patients with a language barrier. 

Hospikol doesn’t stop when patients get discharged from the hospital, but even after they are out of hospital care their treatment records are maintained, and the app allows for feedback about the patient’s stay. 


Beyond the specifications of the app, there is a general management system that allows the tracking of all the calls made through the app in the hospital. This is the source of the information that’s directed to the correct people and is able to help the team by managing the hospital beds and room and even producing reports and statistics. 

Message from the Creators

While Hospikol has only been used currently in Israeli hospitals, Hilma is interested in running a pilot program with hospitals in Japan. 


Hilma is looking for local partners interested in developing this technology within Japanese hospitals. Contact  Israeru for more information 

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