80 Years of Creation – Turnowsky’s Holiday Greeting Cards

by Rotem Kles |2020年09月18日

Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, since 1940, Turnowsky is a well-known global brand. Turnowsky is famous for its luxury paper products, unique designs and original gifts including greetings cards, postcards, calendars and stationery. These are designed in their studios and sold exclusively through selected distributors all over the world.

Their new Corporate Business Department specializes in unique prestigious gifts and works in close partnership with leading brands, top firms and well-known organizations around the world. Turnowsky's products are made of recycled or sustainable paper & FSCTM Certified.

As part of their many products, greeting cards are a very popular one. It is common all over the world to give greeting cards to family, friends and colleagues druing special occasions. Turnowsky's greeting cards are designed, among other things, according to the themes of the Jewish holidays. For years they will include their designs, and to this day people enjoy giving and receiving them on Jewish Rosh Hashanah.

Today we will be happy to present with them, their special greeting cards for the Jewish New Year, as they have been producing for many years.

Cards from the 70's

The mosaic style that was trendy in the 70's

The mosaic style was a Turnowsky favorite around the 70’s when the card industry was in its humble beginnings. The Turnowsky studio was small then – eager to create exceptional designs within the card format. Therefore, the style is reserved and the format is quite framed.

The dove is a symbol of peace in the Judaism

Around the time when Israel signed the Peace treaty with Egypt in 1978, the dove became a prominent motif in art. The dove was used to decorate early architectural Jewish synagogues and it was frequently seen in Jewish Judaica. It was only natural for the Turnowsky studio to portray the dove as a symbol for peace and for the blessed New Year.

The “Tree of life” resemble growth and renewal

Tree of life – as a well-known world symbol was celebrated in Turnowsky art. As a symbol of growth and renewal, it was only natural for us to depict it on Rosh Hashana cards. This is a wonderful example of how tradition and history meets technical innovation and craftsmanship.

Special designs from the 80's

The pomegranate is one of the symbols of the Jewish new year

During the 80’s Turnowsky became a house-hold name for artistic professionalism and quality. This card reflects a technical skill that has been perfected over the years – the use of emboss and glitter. This is a New Year’s card that is decorated by pomegranates – another beautiful motif for this New Year.

A card than feature two golden doves

Two golden doves in flight – the style is a dynamic composition that shows movement and grace. The 90’s were kind to House of Turnowsky – The Turnowsky brand is now a leading greeting card producer and distributor.

The Hamsa is a symbol that protects against the evil eye

The Hamsa is a palm-shaped motif that is popular in middle-eastern art and is believed to bring good fortune. This is frequently used in New Year cards in Israel. This card is unique for its attention to detail, the delicate emboss and silver foils. Each Hamsa is different, like the many styles and inspirations in Turnowsky.

The “Tree of life” is a all time favorite design

Depicted again in our cards – the Tree of Life is an all-time favorite with us. Only here, the style is modern and relates to a younger audience. This is Turnowsky in a nutshell – always rests on its traditions but also always renews itself and grows.

A wink from the 90's

Golden butterflies in mid air

The New Year is a time that reminds us to cherish our family and friends. The giving of the New Year card is a tradition that is embraced by all, young and old. This card is a good example of this – two colorful and golden butterflies in mid-air, dancing the dance of life and love, while decorating our holidays.

This card shows the Turnowsky professional touch

A delicate bouquet of flowers – bringing with it many wishes for the New Year. The use of emboss, foil and light colors is a wonderful typical of the ever-changing styles and market demands while preserving the Turnowsky professional touch.

A design from recent times

A relatively recent design for the New Year. A great depiction of the traditional motif with a contemporary quite minimalistic style. The global trends of clean pastel colors and graphic oriented design calls to the urban young consumer.